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Our guides have been carefully chosen not only for their knowledge and expertise, but for their passion for wilderness travel, appreciation for the outdoors and the way they care for our guests. They each come to us with a wealth of personal experience and accomplishments that show in everything they do. As you interact with and learn from them over the course of your time with us, you will see why we are so proud of the Snow Forest Adventures team!

Snow Forest Adventures - Dog Sledding in Algonquin Park and North
Left to Right - Claire, Carmen, Craig & Lucas

"The guides are fabulous; they treat the dogs with loving kindness; the trails are all well kept and managed, which means we are safe; and lastly the food is good and plentiful"

The guides were amazing! They truly blew my mind with their knowledge & ability, their willingness to do anything to help or make me happy/comfortable and their winning personalities! Never once did they have anything besides a smile and a true love for what they do - and the dogs!!!

"Our guide was very patient as we stopped to take photographs. We were never in a hurry or pressured to do anything, it was always what we wanted to do, and at our pace..."

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