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Winter camping does not have to be an ordeal and at Snow Forest Adventuress we have refined the experience

to the point where it is downright fun!

Winter Camping Algonquin Park

Everyone loves camping in the summer time, but once the snow flies, it's a very different experience. The number one concern for most people is being cold. But - while you may feel cold from time to time over the course of a day, there are ways to ensure that you will be comfortable and find winter camping to be just as much fun as summer camping! 


The first key is to have an indoor area where you can warm up, socialize and dry damp clothes. Even better is having that area set up before you arrive! We have created a solution for this with our Canvas Prospector Tents in which we place a sheet metal wood stove. Each camp has a pre-split woodpile, stacked and ready to go, which means it can drop to -40ºC outside yet remain a balmy 20ºC in the tent. The tent itself is huge with standing head room and it can easily accommodate a group of 8 for dining and discussing the day's adventures. Inside the tent, strung from the roof are drying lines on which we hang our damp gear to dry. With the stove inside, gear dries quickly ensuring a dry pair of gloves, socks, and shirt for the next day’s mushing.

It is also important to fuel your body properly with good, wholesome food. All of our meals are prepared just as you would do if you were at home. We would never serve you “mass-produced freeze-dried camping food" because we know it's simply not able to meet you caloric needs when spending days outside in the winter. Chicken Stir-fry, Steaks, and Spaghetti are just a few of the meals we often enjoy on the trail. All of these delicious meals are served piping hot regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for us during the day. Vegetarian and restrictive diets are served as often as they are requested. Best of all the servings are huge which means that each night’s sleep is guaranteed to be cozy as we burn off the generous portions we devoured at dinner! 

Sleeping is obviously a prime concern on these trips and we spare no expense to ensure that our guests enjoy a good night’s sleep. Snuggle into your sleeping bag on top of our super comfortable camp cots knowing that your guide will keep the woodstove stoked overnight. Having both comfort and warmth together is the way to good nights sleep on a cold night.

All of the above, combined with sitting around a fire sipping your favourite drink under the dancing lights of the night sky adds up to a once in a lifetime winter camping experience like no other in the pristine wilderness of the Algonquin Park. If you have a sense of adventure and like rolling up your sleeves and working side by side with the guides, check out our winter camping expeditions to Temagami where we pack up and move camp each night!

Winter Camping Algonquin Park
Winter Camping Algonquin Park
Winter Camping Algonquin Park
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