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Snow Forest Adventures was created by Craig Lawrence as a way of sharing

his passion for wilderness travel.


Since 1987, Craig has travelled by dogsled, and canoe - not only guiding people

through the back country, but as a personal way of life. Growing up in Huntsville,

Ontario, his love for the outdoors was sparked by his high school geography

teacher who mentored him in the traditional methods of wilderness travel

(snowshoe and canoe). He spent his early years skiing and snowshoeing in the

winter, and paddling in the summer, but once he discovered the magic of travelling

by dog sled, he knew he had found his true passion and became active in wilderness

expeditions in Ontario, Alberta, BC, Northern Quebec and the Yukon. 


When you hear Craig talk about his dogs, their stories and his love for them you

begin to understand the deep, respectful bond he has formed with each and every

one. When you see Craig interact with his dogs, you will recognize this incredible

bond immediately and understand without questions what has fueled his passion

for this amazing way of life.


Carmen has spent a lifetime outdoors working with dogs and horses. She has had the good fortune to work with shelter dogs through many wonderful rescue organizations, street dogs in India through Vets Beyond Borders, all kinds of wildlife through Earth Rangers, and of course many wonderful sled dogs. In 2015 she had the incredible opportunity to train with Cesar Milan at his Dog Psychology Centre in California. She also attended Georgian College for their Animal Care Program and is a certified Animal Bowen Physiotherapy Practitioner.  

Because of our love of dogs and passion for the outdoors we believe strongly that multi day trips are by far the best way to experience the true magic that comes from working with a team of dogs through the truly rewarding partnership of wilderness travel. You will be forever changed after driving your own team of loveable Alaskan Huskies, sleeping in the comfort of our heated prospector tents and eating wholesome home cooked meals. We understand why it’s so hard to say goodbye at the end of your time with us!


Snow Forest Adventures is committed to delivering life changing adventure, whether on the back of a dog sled or in the stern

of a canoe. We look forward to spending time with you!

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
Snow Forest Adventures - Dog Sledding in Algonquin Park and North
Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
Dog Sledding Algonquin Park

"The guides were amazing...sprinkling stories with information. They really took care of us and we had a wide range of abilities in our group."

"Their love of the dogs is evident from the first moment you meet them. The dogs are energetic and amiable, and a joy to work with."

"I struggle to find the words to recommend this company highly enough! We spent 3 days dog sledding with Snow Forest Adventures and came away smiling from ear to ear."

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