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Dogsledding Canoeing Algonquin Park

 The benefits of Adventure Training with Snow Forest Adventures include;

• Development of new skills
• Unit cohesion
• Adventure and fun in an exciting and inspiring wilderness setting
• Strengthened connections with peers 
• The ability to adapt to, and thrive within, any environment
• Confidence gained as a result of personal growth in a mentally and  

  physically challenging environment
Snow Forest Adventures - Dog Sledding in Algonquin Park and North
In our winter program, participants will learn how to work together to become an integral part of a new type of team, where clear communication with each and every member is imperative to ensuring it’s overall success. Appreciation and trust develop quickly between musher and dog team as they travel together and learn how to provide for, and rely on each other, while out on the trail. It is because of this bond that our participants develop such strong connections with our working dogs, as well as with each other. 
In our summer program, participants will work together to tackle the ever changing environment of the Algonquin backcountry and the far north, as they travel by canoe. Through teamwork, the group will become a cohesive unit, setting and achieving goals together as opposed to surviving solely on the strengths of its individuals. They will sharpen their navigation, problem solving and survival skills as they complete challenging canoe routes and learn how to function as a completely self-supported wilderness team. 

Whether working with the dogs to navigate the winter wilderness or travelling through the backcountry by canoe in one of our summer programs, our targeted adventure training will provide hands on experience and training in new skills from our highly trained, experienced professionals. These unique experiences will serve to strengthen your unit as they tackle challenges collectively and enjoy time in beautiful and rugged Algonquin Park and Canada's North.

Our work with the military also extends through our support to Outward Bound Canada’s (OBC) Military Veterans program. OBC provides programming for Veterans throughout the year, including a 6-day dogsledding expedition in Algonquin Park run in partnership with SFA. Snow Forest Adventures values our working relationship with OBC and is honoured to work with the military community through OBC’s Military Veterans program.

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