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No matter what the season, our hearts are in Algonquin Park and we are still

happiest when we are outside enjoying all of the gifts Algonquin has to offer. 
Spend a day in the canoe with us or spend some time with the dogs 
enjoying a husky powered hike.

Either way, the dog days of summer are a great time to get out explore!


While most people are familiar with the work of the legendary Group of Seven artist Tom Thomson, not everyone has heard the mysterious story of his untimely death. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of his death on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park and to honor his memory we are offering a very special day trip in the Summer of 2017.


Tom was last seen alive on July 8th, 1917 as he set out alone on Canoe Lake. He was a competent paddler and outdoorsman having worked in the park as a fire ranger and fishing guide, so it was shocking when just hours after his departure his empty canoe was found floating not far from the place he had set out from. It was more than a week before his body was found in the lake.


Over the years there have been a great many questions about how he died, who found his body and even his final resting place. Some say his death was an accident, but others suggest foul play was involved. To add even more mystery, there are questions as well as to whether or not his body was moved from its final resting place.  It’s a 100 year old mystery that has still not been truly solved.


Join us as we venture out on to Canoe Lake as Tom often did, and explore the places that played an important part of Tom’s life, as well as his death. 

As we travel in his path and share stories of his life and the whispered details surrounding his death, you may come up with your own theory as to what may have happened to this Canadian legend 100 years ago.

Choose to travel either by paddle power, or relax in our freighter

canoe under motor power.

Season: Ongoing from May to October
Duration of Trip: 6 Hours (11am - 5pm) 
By Canoe  - $125 per person + tax 
By Freighter Canoe - $150 per person + tax
(under motor power)
*Includes, all necessary equipment, lunch and guide.
 Participants must purchase vehicle pass at Park Gate

Canoe Trips Algonquin Park
Canoe Trips Algonquin Park
*More Single Day and Multi Day trips coming soon!*
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