Above all else, our dogs come first. Always.


Without them, quite simply, none of what we do would be possible, so their health and happiness is our

first priority always.

Our relationships with each and every one are rooted in love, trust, kindness and respect and we wouldn't have it any other way! We strive to offer the very best in care both at home and on the trail and we are always looking for ways that we can be doing our absolute best for our dogs.


Dog Sledding Canoeing Algonquin Park
Our kennel is made up of Alaskan Huskies and you will find that they don’t all look like the dogs you see in Disney movies. Alaskan Huskies are a blend of various Northern breeds originating from Alaska Native villages, chosen particularly for skills such as pulling.
This long legged, long bodied, driven breed was created for racing and long distance travel and is perfect for the type of trips we do. They are easy going, a joy to work with and have personality plus! 
Hover your mouse over any dog or click their picture to find out more about them!

Singis is Mom to Gus and Itchy and one of the sweetest girls we've ever known.

Handsome Pride is brother to Jaloux, Angie and Desir. He absolutely loves to run!

Leo lives right next to his father Solo, and his sister Rosie, and he loves it!

LaSeine plays as hard as she works and loves to "help out" around the yard!

Itchy is one of the most vocal dogs in the pack - when he's ready to go, you know it!

Chimo and her sister Marsabit are an amazing pair!

Sweet Charlie gives the most amazing hugs you could ever ask for!

Desir loves to run, but her desire to play is second to none!

Jill is sister to Charlie and one of the bounciest girls in the group!

Solo is one of our best leaders and proud Papa to many of our dogs.

Rosie is sister to Charlotte and absolutely loves her spot in the kennel right next to the feed shed!

Phoenix is the fluffiest, softest dog in the kennel, yet is not the biggest fan of being brushed.

Tai always has a big goofy smile on his face and is looking for your attention

Rigadon is brother to Mimi and can jump higher than any other dog at feed time and hook up!

Echo is sister to Tomo and makes her own very unique noise at feed time!

Check back soon as we add more dogs to the page!!

If you have ever considered adopting a retired sled dog - we have some really fabulous dogs who would love to have anew family to live out their retirement years with!  Just because they are retired from working doesn't mean they 

wouldn't love to get out and explore the world with you!

The dogs were so amazing, you instantly fall in love with all of them. We were very much part of making it all happen by helping out taking care of the dogs, getting them ready for sledding and mushing sleds ourselves. 

Loved the dogs, they are amazingly friendly and really well taken care of. Glad to see people loving their dogs and dogs loving their jobs.

"Everyone warned that I should be careful and not try to pet sled dogs because they're tough, working dogs....well this was the friendliest group of dogs I've met, every night was filled with endless cuddles! "