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Algonquin trips can be arranged to run between 3 and 4 days. Below

you will find a sample itinerary for our popular 3 day trip. Remember, we live for adventure, so don't 

hesitate to ask us to customize an adventurous outing for you and your group!

Dogsledding Canoeing Algonquin Park
Destination: Hiram Lake Camp

You will arrive at the Sunday Lake Dog Sled Trails in Algonquin Park about 10:30 am where you will meet your guides and get oriented and outfitted.
The dogs will be excited to see you and we know you'll be just as excited to get to know them, so we'll move into Dogs 101 teaching you everything you need to know about how to harness, hook up and drive your team of dogs! Before heading out, you will enjoy lunch and a hot drink at the trailhead to ensure you are nourished, hydrated and ready for the adventure ahead of you!
Once the sleds are packed and the dogs harnessed, the teams will mush 25 - 40km along our beautiful trails arriving at our remote Hiram Lake Camp for the night.
Upon arrival you will learn how to bed down, feed and massage your new canine friends and then get settled into camp. Here you will enjoy a hot, home cooked meal and sleep comfortably tucked into our heated prospector style tents.

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
Destination: Local Trails

There is nothing quite like waking to the sounds of the dogs happy howling to greet the day - we guarantee it will put a smile on your face that will last all day!  Today is the day you'll put your new mushing skills to use as you head out on the local trails for the day with a stop along the way for lunch.
You'll have the whole day at your disposal and the opportunity for further adventure upon returning to camp. You may choose to wander off into the winter wonderland on snowshoes, browse the bookshelf in the kitchen tent, or just enjoy a game of cards with your fellow travellers.
As the sun sets, the intimate nature of spending time in the beauty of winter with a small group of people is revealed. Camped beside beautiful lake, we'll have the opportunity to stargaze, go for moonlit walks or hear a wolf howl. Later, in the warmth of the tents, a candlelit storytelling atmosphere is often full of laughter and lively discussions. Perhaps the most rewarding part of a dog sled trip is the intimate bond that is quickly established between you, your co-participants, and your team of dogs. 

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
Destination: Home

Waking up in camp on your last day you’ll be surprised how quickly the time went and how confident everyone is feeling in their new found winter camping and mushing skills. By now you’ll know each of the dogs names as you feed them a warm breakfast and prepare for your last day together. The group will mush approximately 25km over the course of the day, working their way back to the trailhead and the real world. Lunch will be on trail again this day. You'll arrive back at the trailhead between 2-3pm and unhook your dogs while you begin the process of saying goodbye to your new friends. This is where we get to see the real magic that has happened over the previous days. The incredible bond everyone has made with the dogs! There will be lots of opportunities for hugs and pictures as well as a hot drink before loading up to head home.

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
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