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During this expedition we are completely self sufficient and carry all of our gear and equipment with us for the duration of the trip. Each participant will be driving their own team of six dogs and are expected to play a role in every aspect of this expedition. As such, though not necessary, it is recommended the clients joining the expedition participate in one of our Algonquin Trips beforehand to get a feel and understanding of dog sled travel.

Dog Sledding Canoeing Temagami

Clients arrive in Huntsville and are picked up for the drive to the kennel, where we will meet and greet each other and the dogs. Following introductions we will ensure everyone is properly outfitted with equipment. Once the dogs are loaded into the trailer, the group will travel north to the Anima-Nipissing Lake Access Road in Temagami to start our journey after having lunch on the road.

We will prepare for a night run as we unload the dogs and gear, set up our sleds and hook up the teams just before dusk. We then set off on a beautiful night run amongst the trees and across the lake, travelling nearly 15 km to under the moonlight, to our pre-heated cabin on Anima Nipissing Lake.

Since our arrival at camp is during the night, some of our expeditions may choose to sleep the first night under the stars either in our sled bags or under a tarp. This is a truly unique experience, sleeping under the stars, next to the dogs, who are bedded down in straw for a peaceful night's rest.

Dog Sledding Temagami
You will spend the following days mushing on beautiful lakes and winter portages in the breathtaking, wild, rugged, serenity of the Temagami wilderness. These routes have been travelled for centuries by the local Teme-Augama Anishnabai, whose ancesteral lands we now travel on. Each day we will be moving and setting up camp, using a heated Cree travel tent.

Dog Sledding Temagami
An early morning start will have us back at the Anima Nipissing Lake Access Road parking lot for lunch time.  We will load all dogs and gear and make our way back to the kennel.

Dog Sledding Temagami
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