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Spend some time with our furry family!  

The dog sledding season ends when the snow disappears, but our Huskies love to get out and explore

year round! Join us as we hike and play with our dogs in their favorite setting - Algonquin Park!

As summer turns to fall and the weather cools, we invite you to experience what goes into training and conditioning our

dogs for the winter to come.

Dogsledding Algonquin Park

Join us and some of the dogs for a hike through the woods with your new friends frolicking around you! Our dogs love to explore in all seasons. They love it even more with company and the chance to snag a treat at lunchtime! 

We offer a moderate half day waterfall hike, or an adventurous full day hike - both complete with a trail lunch and an opportunity for a swim with the dogs afterward.

Season: May 1st - Sept 15th 
Schedule: Monday & Tuesday

Price: Half Day$50 for Adults  $40 for Children (10-15yrs)
           Full Day - $90 for Adults, $75 for Children (10-15yrs)
Time: 11:30 am - Half Day, 9 am - Full Day
Includes: Guide & Trail Lunch

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