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For those seeking the ultimate five day adventure in Algonquin Park's winter wonderland. This trip provides five adventure filled days of dogsledding and mobile expedition type winter camping. Enjoy the simplicity and rich cultural experience of living and travelling by dog team while staying in our Cree expedition tent with spruce bough floors heated by a portable tent stove. This is the ultimate dogsledding experience and provides a unique opportunity to mush dogs by the light of the moon.

Dogsledding Canoeing Algonquin Park
Destination: Hiram Lake Camp

You will arrive at the Sunday Lake Dog Sled Trails in Algonquin Park about 10:30 am where you will meet your guides and get oriented and outfitted.
The dogs will be excited to see you and we know you'll be just as excited to get to know them, so we'll move into Dogs 101 teaching you everything you need to know about how to harness, hook up and drive your team of dogs! Before heading out, you will enjoy lunch and a hot drink at the trailhead to ensure you are nourished, hydrated and ready for the adventure ahead of you!
Once the sleds are packed and the dogs harnessed, the teams will mush 25 - 40km along our beautiful trails arriving at our remote Hiram Lake Camp for the night.
Upon arrival you will learn how to bed down, feed and massage your new canine friends and then get settled into camp. Here you will enjoy a hot, home cooked meal and sleep comfortably tucked into our heated prospector style tents.

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
Destination: Algonquin Travel

After breakfast on day two you will pack up camp and head out for two days of Algonquin exploration. 
For the next two days your group will travel through Algonquin exploring areas that are rarely seen at this time of year. Your group will  travel as a self supported unit making camp along the way using a Cree expedition tent and learning valuable bush skills along the way.
Once camp is made on night two and the moon rises, you will experience the sheer magic of your first night run. Mushing across a frozen lake by the light of the moon and stars is a thrill you will never forget!

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
Destination: Zenobia Lake Camp

After packing up camp on the morning of day four and feeding your dogs you will load up and head to our picturesque Zenobia Lake camp.
By this time you will be feeling very confident in your mushing skills and finding a rythym with your team that only comes from time and trust.
As you work your way toward camp you will have ample opportunities to bond with your dogs and experience the magic of wilderness travel in Algonquin. Lunch will be made on trail this day.
Once you arrive at camp both you and your dogs will enjjoy a well deserved rest and meal before dark falls and you prepare for your second night run of the trip.

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
Destination: Home

As you awake to the happy howls of the dogs you'll wonder how 5 days flew by so quickly.
Your group will mush approximately 25km over the course of the day, working your way back to the trailhead and the real world. Lunch will be on trail again this day. You'll arrive back at the trailhead between 2-3pm and unhook your dogs while you begin the process of saying goodbye to your new friends.
There will be lots of opportunities for hugs and pictures as well as a hot drink before loading up to head home.

Dog Sledding Algonquin Park
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